Empowering game makers

We are passionate about making games that are a memorable part of each player’s gaming journey. We believe our games must bring a combination of unique remarkable elements and high quality craftsmanship to stand out in a crowded games market. To achieve this, we recognize and embrace that creativity is a vulnerable state that requires discipline, exploration, time, and a safe environment for individuals to try, fail, learn, and try again. We are committed to taking the path of exploration and aiming big.


Backed by Supercell

We are proud to have the backing of Supercell, one of the world’s leading game developers. Supercell has been a role model for us since our establishment in 2018 and provided the initial funding we needed to get started. We are humbled by their continual investments. This partnership has given us the resources and support we need to continue pushing the boundaries of game development and creating remarkable games.